Terms & Conditions

1. General

All the tours and activities are done by qualified staff.

The acceptance of the bookings are subordinate to the availability of the places.

The published prices don’t include all that is not expressly specified in the voice included.

Any claim from the client must be communicated to the organizer by electronic mail to the address info@marinalobra.com within and not over 10 working days from the date of the tour.

The organization does not respond for damages caused from third or owing to force majeure and is not responsible of the loss of values, luggage or objects happened during the tours or transfers.

At the end of any service provided, our staff is allowed to verify if any damages have be done.

In case of any damage for which the client is responsible, our staff will appraise the gravity of the damage and will economically quantify it.

2. Cancellation policy & Refunds

All the cancellations of booking by a client must be communicated by email to the address info@marinalobra.com. Refunds and penalties will be provided according to the following formalities:

the cancellations of the bookings to reserved services from catalog reached to the organization within the 10th preceding day to the reservation will be completely refund to the client without any penalty.

Cancellation that will be communicated less than 3 days before the departure won’t be totally refund.

There won’t be provided any reimbursement to the client that does not show up to the departure on the established schedule; equally there won’t be reimbursement to the client that doesn’t use the whole service.

In some cases, we may cancel a tour due to weather or other circumstances. If we cancel the reservation, or do not deliver it as promised, you may choose among a rescheduling of the tour, a full refund of the paid amount.

No refunds will be given for unused part of the service.